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"I increased my new business production by 40 policies per month after joining the Agency Alliance Programs." Joe K. ~ Agency Owner - Missouri 

A Message From Sean Matheis

It's Sean Matheis, CEO and Founder of Agency Alliance. When I first started in the insurance business, it was a sink or swim position for me. I had ZERO clients. I started from scratch, just like most of the clients I help today. 

Then, I was able to build a business with over a MILLION dollars in premiums in only my first 10 months. As a rookie sales agent, I was the #1 agent in the company for a fortune 100 organization. I was able to produce results the company had never seen before, boasting an over 50% closing ratio, which was almost DOUBLE the industry standard. 

Today, I teach those same skills and strategies to agents from every major carrier in every major market. The Agency Alliance was born out of necessity. Corporate America does not teach agents how to PROSPECT anymore. How do I know? Because the same programs they put agents through 10 years ago, are the same programs still being used today. We both know, the market is vastly different. With social media, and the Internet, everything has changed. 

I created the Agency Alliance On-Demand center for the busy insurance agent that would rather work through our system at their own pace rather than being in a structured mastermind format with scheduled call times. The On-Demand center allows you 24/7 access to THE EXACT SAME conent as our live mastermind classes at a fraction of the cost. KEEP IN MIND that there is NO COACHING associated with these programs they are designed to be a Do It Yourself study session. 

What is the On-Demand Mastermind? 

  • Do it yourself style learning environement.
  • Secured On-Line training environment with 24/7 access to all of our content.
  • Perfect for the busy agent who would rather learn at your own pace rather than being in a structured setting with time lines, and scheduled calls. 
  • Save up to 70% by joining the On-Demand programs over the LIVE coaching programs. 
  • Step by step pre-recorded webinars, documents, presentations, & conference calls
  • Easy  to follow step by step training and action steps to execture the material. 
  • Access the trainings fromy our lap-top, desktop, tablet, or smart phone 24/7.

When Do We Meet?

We Don't It's a virtual Do It Yourself On-Line Training Center with 24/7 Access.

What Agents Are Saying..

Keisha Santa, Agency Owner ~ Maryland
"Working with Sean and the agency alliance was amazing. When I began the program I was writing 20 policies a month. After just 5 weeks I was writin 20 policies PER WEEK." 

Heres the Structure

When you register of our On-Demand programs you will get instant access to all of the content broken down into weekly modules. The program is self paced however, it was designed to be completed over an 8 week for the maximum results. 
  • 1

    1. Getting Started - Foundations

    • Getting set up and learning the basics of social media
    • Streamlining - Dissect your sales process, eliminate inefficiencies, and streamline an efficient process, 
    • Introduction to the One Call Close Sales Process & Then --> Homework Assigned
  • 2

    2. Branding On Social Media

    • Understanding Branding from a Social Media Perspective
    • Define Your Brand
    • Implement Professional Logos/Branding, etc
    • Branding Alignment
    • Define Your Unique Value Proposition
    • Homework Assigned
  • 3
    Week 3

    3. Networking On-Line & Off-Line

    • Learn Effective Networking Strategies
    • Dissect Current Strategy - Build and Implement New Strategies
    • Define Your True Purpose
    • Homework Assigned
  • 4

    4. Social Media Organic Lead Strategies

    • Social Media Lead Strategies
    • Learn Effective Engagement Strategies
    • Build Your Social Influence
    • Build A Syndicate


The landscape of marketing and lead generation in the insurance industry has drastically changed since the advent of socail media. Look, every major carrier is using social media to generate leads. Your referral partners are using social media, and your competitors are using social media. If you aren't generating an additional 10-15 policies a month from social media then are already way behind the curve and with every day you wait to get on the same page as the rest of the industry only drags you down further. GET STARTED NOW!