The Social Media Mastermind: SEAN  MATHEIS 

  • The foremost expert in social media marketing & lead generation. Sean has worked along side the most influential business reality tv personalities, celebrities, and pro-athletes 
  • Sean started his career mastering the art of lead gernation on social media for the insurance, mortgage, and real estate industries and has worked with dozens of other industries along the way. 
  • Sean's clients have seen profits increase as much as 150% in just 8 weeks. Many of Sean's clients experience a 300% + ROI.  When it comes to increasing lead flow to your business Sean is the undisputed king of marketing. 

Sean started his consulting business in late 2013 with The Agency Alliance Mastermind program. This Insurance Mastermind took the insurance industry by stom and quickly became the #1 Insurance program in the county. 

Shortly after The Agency Alliance was launched Sean created The Millionaire Masterminds as a platform to host celebrity speaking engagements, celebrity hosted masterminds, and corporate bookings for celebrity clients. In just 6 months this company became the industry leader for celebrity training programs. 

" I built my business on results for my clients. I pride myself on 100% success rates in every program I have ever created. If I can't help you then we simply will not work together. I don't believe in wasting your time or mine. I live and breath to watch my clients get massive results."  Sean Matheis 

  • Corporate Speaking Engagements
  • 1 on 1 marketing consulting sessions
  • Insurance mastermind programs 
  • Real Estate Social Media Masterminds 
  • Mortage Social Media Masterminds 
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What Others Are Saying: 
"Working with Sean I went from makeing $2,000 a month to more than $15,000 a month" 

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Sean Matheis 

At just 30 years old Sean Mathies is a seriel entreprenuer and owns 4 successful business. Sean has a drive that keeps him laser focused on success. Sean motivates thousands of aspiring entreprenuers around the world and has 10's of thousands of followers on social media. Learn more about Sean Matheis in this short clip. Email To Schedule a call back or visit any of my our websites to reach Sean directly. 

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